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PIAA manufacture high performance lamp systems and accessories for all motoring and motorsport applications.

Established in 1963, PIAA has forged a reputation for top quality and continuous product innovation, improving visibility and safety for drivers all over the world


Super LED
Super LED

LED Indicator & Reversing
LED Indicator & Reversing

Night Tech


Xtreme White
Xtreme White

Xtreme White Plus
Xtreme White Plus

Hyper Arros

Hyper Plus

Application Guide:

Vehicle Make

PIAA bulbs are scientifically engineered using the latest technology to produce the highest quality and advanced bulbs on the market today. As well as a market leader in the automotive industry, PIAA lighting are official technical partners to some of the leading motor sport teams in the world including Ford, Subaru, Skoda & Mitsubishi world rally teams.

PIAA Design Features:
- High quality heat resistant glass
- Welded focus ring that assures correct positioning
- Provides brighter and whiter light for less power
- One piece filament support allows correct support and positioning
- A metal bond holds the glass tube, preventing cracks and leaks

Power draw: An electrical system that cannot provide the required power is a common cause for premature bulb failure in vehicles. A major factor to why when fitting extremely high wattage bulbs does not improve the brightness the lights ! PIAA's unique application of technology allow their bulbs to produce a much higher light output on the same power draw as the standard bulb you replace. This eliminates any stress on the electrical system which is usually associated with high wattage bulbs.

Fitments: Auto bulbs all have a universal code on the type of fitment. This can be seen in the application guide with the different types i.e.. H1, H3, H3C, H4, H4H, H7, H8, H9, H11, HB1, HB3, HB4 and HB5

Legality regarding PIAA bulbs

The following bulbs are E-marked as road legal.
Other filament (non-LED) bulbs in the PIAA bulb range are for off road and show use only.
Note: There is no ECE standard yet for LED bulbs so they are not classified as E-Marked.

PIAA E-Marked Bulbs
Night Tech Range Hyper Arros Range Xtreme White Plus
HE820 H4 HE900 H4 HE303 H4
HE821 H3 HE901 H3 HE305 H3
HE822 H1 HE902 H1 HE307 H1
HE823 H7 HE903 H7 HE309 H7
  HE904 H8  
  HE905 H9  
HE824 H11 HE906 H11 HE354E H11
  HE907 H13 HE475E H13
HE825 HB3 HE909 HB3 HE251E HB3
HE826 HB4 HE910 HB4 HE253E HB4



To determine if a bulb is covered by PIAA's 90 day warranty, check the following table:-

1) If the bulb will not light or does not light to its full intensity :
This is normally due to a faulty internal connection which is covered under warranty.

2) If the glass portion of the bulb has a blister: it has been touched and the oily residue has caused it to overheat.
This is not covered by warranty.

3) If there is a break in the filament (without a puddle or knob at the end of the break):
Bulb was dropped or subject to severe vibration and is not covered by warranty.

4) If the glass portion of the bulb turns grey: It has failed due to low voltage and is not covered by warranty.
Check your connections to make sure that they are not corroded.

5) If the glass portion of the bulb turns white:
This is caused by a gas leak and is covered by warranty.

6) If the filament has worn thin and broken:
The bulb is worn out and is not covered by warranty.