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PIAA manufacture high performance lamp systems and accessories for all motoring and motorsport applications.

Established in 1963, PIAA has forged a reputation for top quality and continuous product innovation, improving visibility and safety for drivers all over the world





Halogen replacement bulb giving up to 20% more light and intense white light

5000K white light gives a strikingly stylish look – similar to that provided by xenon-HIDs – the extra brightness provided will also ensure a heightened perception of your surroundings. The bulbs’ vast projection illuminates the road ahead, highlighting potential hazards much sooner while avoiding dazzling other drivers, so you can drive safer and more comfortably.

Intense 5000K colour temperature
Vivid white light colour
Includes both Maximum Performance and Styling bulb features
120% more light than standard halogen
Close styling match to xenon-HID

Note: Not E-Marked for Road use.
For competition and off-road use only

Part No.ItemPackRetail Price
HE-920Hyper Arros 5000K 12V 55W – H4PAIRPOA
HE-921Hyper Arros 5000K 12V 55V – H3PAIRPOA
HE-924Hyper Arros 5000K 12V 35W – H8PAIRPOA

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