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PIAA manufacture high performance lamp systems and accessories for all motoring and motorsport applications.

Established in 1963, PIAA has forged a reputation for top quality and continuous product innovation, improving visibility and safety for drivers all over the world






27 November 2017

PIAA assist Neil and Natalie Revington achieve top honours on 2017 Barbados Carnival Rally.

Modern rally cars are fine examples of how global motorsport has changed over the last 20 years. By proving technological advances in competition, rally car designers and engineers enable manufacturers to demonstrate their technical prowess ahead of new product introduction to consumers. This, of course, also maintains professional motorsport teams at the forefront of automotive technology.

Neil Revington, owner of Revington TR Ltd has been using PIAA lamps and bulbs for a considerable number of years. He had this to say about the 2017 Barbados Carnival Rally.

We competed on this rally in 2015 with relatively standard H4 bulbs in the headlights and two PIAA spot lamps, through the cane fields it gets very dark at night and we found it difficult to see clearly where we were going. In preparation for the 2017 event we fitted a pair of high power headlamp bulbs coupled with dipping main spot lamps and a pair of auxiliary lamps picking out the corners; all PIAA of course. The difference was amazing and I’m sure this contributed significantly to our Class win and receiving the top prize of King of the Carnival for best class performances on both motorsport events, the rally sprint and the main stage rally. We will be back in 2018 safe in the knowledge we are using the best lights available".

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